Report suggests Trump added more to national deficit than Biden

by ian

A new analysis shows that former President Donald Trump outspent President Joe Biden on the national deficit.

Based on the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget’s estimated 10-year debt impact, Trump outspent Biden by roughly $4 trillion. When the CARES Act and COVID relief packages were excluded from these numbers, the difference shrunk to about $2 trillion with Trump still in the lead.

The study also showed that the former president’s gross new borrowing totaled $8.8 trillion, while his deficit reduction was $443 billion. Biden has so far approved $6.2 trillion for borrowing while reducing the deficit by $1.9 trillion.

It’s worth noting that 77% of Trump’s national debt came from bipartisan legislation, while only 29% of Biden’s approved debt came from both parties. Biden also significantly outspent Trump in executive actions.

Biden alone has added $1.2 trillion to the national debt, while Trump’s executive actions added less than $20 billion.