Republicans blast Sen.Tuberville on military promotion blockade

by ian

Senate Republicans yesterday confronted Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville over his blockade of military promotions in a scene that grew rather heated.

The Alabama Republican has blocked around 370 promotions over the past eight months in protest of the Pentagon’s abortion policy that pays travel expenses for military personnel.

But his conservative colleagues, led by Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska, challenged him on that yesterday. They brought 61 individual nominations forward across a four-hour span.

But Tuberville objected to each one. In turn, frustrated Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Sullivan blasted him for his stance. Tuberville denies that military readiness has been impacted by his protest.

However, the challengers say that 89% of general officer positions in the military will be affected by the end of the year because of the ongoing protest.

One day later, the Senate was able to approve two nominations for leadership positions in the Navy and Air Force.