Republicans continue harping on bad border policy in new resolution

by ian

As the 2024 Presidential election fast approaches, Republicans have been aggressively attacking Democrats on multiple different fronts. This includes campus protests, abortion legislation and the economy.

But one issue that Republicans have been harping on since Day 1 has been the border crisis – and they recently continued in this campaign.

This week, the House of Representatives passed resolution 1112, which denounces the Biden administration’s immigration policies. The resolution text singles out what it calls “the worst border security crisis in the Nation’s history.”

Language in the bill blames this problem on the Biden administration’s day-one actions in dismantling “effective border security measures and interior immigration enforcement.” It also references various crimes carried out by illegal aliens, including the tragic murder of Georgian nursing student Laken Riley.

The resolution further “urges the Biden administration to rescind its open-borders policies” and to implement new ones to “end his administration’s border crisis.” It passed with a vote of 223 to 191, with 13 Democrats joining all Republicans.

On a more local level, state governments along the border wall are taking their own enforcement actions in response to the crisis. Just this week, the state of Oklahoma joined these states by enacting a law that would criminalize illegal immigration.

House Bill 4156 makes living in Oklahoma as an illegal immigrant a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in county jail, and/or a fine. Those found in violation of the law are required to leave within 72 hours or be convicted of a felony.

Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the bill on Tuesday, saying he was “disappointed this bill is necessary.” State Democrats argued that the bill is unconstitutional because border security is up to the federal government alone. The law is similar to one in Texas, which is currently being challenged in court.

Immigration data continues to show how much the border crisis has grown out of control. Data gathered by Restoration News displays the number of illegal aliens who were arrested and the types of crimes of which they were convicted.

According to this data, there were 528 arrests in April 2024 alone. According to their findings, 42 of these arrests were directly related to sexual assaults. Restoration News reports that, since February, at least 1,400 crimes have been committed by illegal aliens within the nation.

This data was found through open-source records, but Restoration acknowledges that there are “many more” crimes that aren’t being reported for one reason or another.