Republicans probing Biden admin’s voter registration efforts

by ian

Republicans are increasingly concerned that the Biden administration is weaponizing a 2021 executive order to boost Democratic turnout in the upcoming election.

That order mandates that federal agencies create voter registration plans with “approved” outside groups. Those groups are supposed to be “nonpartisan.” Republicans fear that taxpayers are footing the bill for illegal registration efforts, but the White House is rebuffing congressional efforts to learn more about those meetings and plans.

Of particular concern is a 2021 meeting between the White House and left-wing activists that the Washington Examiner reported on last week.

Notes show they discussed registering noncitizens and requiring registration for public housing. In related news, a House committee is investigating whether the Biden administration is funneling resources to register voters in the swing state of Michigan. Notably, 88% of outreach events were scheduled in Democrat-majority counties.

The congressional committee subpoenaed the Small Business Administration yesterday after two officials failed to appear for scheduled interviews.