Republicans use AI to create new attack ad on Biden

by ian


The future of campaign ads is officially here. After President Biden announced that he plans to run again, the Republican National Convention posted their first attack ad using AI.

They ask the question, “What if the weakest president we’ve ever seen were reelected?” AI-generated images then bring that imagined future to life.

While the RNC was upfront with the fact that the ad was AI generated, it raises further concerns about the technology and its influence. AI can easily mimic faces and voices, which can create pretty convincing lies, and is sure to affect the upcoming presidential election cycle.

As shocking as the ad is, it isn’t the only obstacle Biden’s campaign team faces. Journalists were stunned when the White House press secretary refused to answer if Biden planned to serve a full second-term. She later claimed she didn’t want to violate federal law by speaking about the campaign.

In other news regarding 2024, it was recently confirmed that former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has made his official announcement to run for the GOP ticket.