Republicans want Harris removed as ‘border czar’

by mcardinal

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News

Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson has filed a motion in the House to have Vice President Kamala Harris fired from her position as, ostensibly, the highest-ranking U.S. official overseeing border security. 

As first reported by the Daily Caller, Jackson, along with cosponsors Dan Meuser (R-Penn.), Mike Garcia (R-Calif.), Brian Babin (R-Texas), and Randy Weber (R-Texas), want Harris stripped of the title “border czar.” 

“Kamala has been an utter DISASTER for our southern border,”  Jackson tweeted. “As the so-called ‘Border Czar,’ she’s done nothing to stop the largest INVASION that our country has EVER seen! Time for her to GO. Today, I introduced a resolution to remove her title FOR GOOD!”

Republicans filed a similar resolution in the last Congress, but with Democrats then enjoying a majority, the motion did not get far. This year, there is a chance conservatives score a ceremonial victory by passing the measure, but Harris is unlikely to suffer any loss as the Senate will not be likely to even take up the matter. 

“Kamala Harris has done nothing to ‘address the root cause of migration’ or stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming across our border daily,” the Daily Caller quoted Jackson as saying. “She continues to sit by as the number of illegal immigrants coming across our border skyrockets, fentanyl deaths explode, and CBP officers are left to fend for themselves. She has completely betrayed the American people by blatantly disregarding her duties as Border Czar.”

Harris has gained a reputation for keeping border issues at arm’s length. She’s rarely visited the border, which has devolved into a crisis over the past two years, and has kept her remarks to a minimum. 

A quick run through Harris’ Twitter activity reveals no mention of the border or immigration in the months of February and March. 

Some insiders viewed President Joe Biden as undercutting Harris by giving her the responsibility of heading the nation’s response to mass migration. 

This belief has been buoyed by the fact that, since 2021, Harris’ approval ratings have consistently performed well below Biden’s, and the president’s numbers have been under water. RealClearPolitics currently has Harris tracking at 39% favorability and Biden at just over 42. 

In a lengthy feature about the Biden-Harris ticket’s 2024 prospects, Reuters reported that the White House has become frustrated that Harris has not taken a more active role in key assignments. 

There are few tasks she’s been handed more important, but also more politically precarious, than immigration. 

Back in September, as first reported by the New York Post, Harris declared that the southern border was secure, an attestation that has been quite roundly rejected as, at best, wishful thinking. 

As Harris has continued to flounder, some well-known Democrats, although none that hold public office, have begun to amplify calls for Biden to choose a new running mate in 2024. 

CNN first reported that several Hollywood celebrities, among them Helen Hunt and Ron Livingston, told former Sen. Barbara Boxer during a Zoom call that they doubted Harris’ ability to assist Biden in securing a second term.