Researchers build home using recycled disposable diapers

by ian


Researchers at the Japanese University of Kitakyushu recently built a home using disposable diapers.

They used recycled single-use diapers to replace some sand in a concrete mixture. They then used this to build a prototype home around 380 square feet, about the size of two parking spaces. It used around 2.2 cubic yards of diaper waste or around 8% of the total composite material.

Now, the researchers found that too much diaper waste can weaken the concrete. But the experiment might give purpose to something that is currently non-recyclable.

The researchers are hopeful it can help poorer countries that have a growing population. Of course, a growing population also means more diapers and a need for low-cost housing.

But the team does have a significant hurdle before their research can become real-world recycling. There’s currently no process to separate diapers from other waste.