Right to gather for worship affirmed by federal appeals court

by ian

Another victory for religious rights came out of a federal appeals court earlier this week.

During COVID-19, the Democrat-led state of Kentucky banned religious gatherings and interstate travel. After being threatened with “further enforcement measures” after violating these rules to attend an Easter service, three Christians sued Governor Andrew Beshear.

The case was resolved in their favor back in 2020, but Beshear objected to reimbursing nearly a quarter of a million in legal fees. The Sixth Circuit appellate judges upheld that the fees must be reimbursed on Monday.

Some have objected to the decision since technically taxpayers will foot the bill. But plaintiff attorney TJ Roberts says that outrage should be directed towards the governor.

He said, “If the people of Kentucky want to quit being taxed to pay for these court judgments, Kentucky MUST elect a governor who will actually follow the constitution.”