Riley Gaines calls ‘Squad’ member a ‘misogynist’

by ian

Riley Gaines tangled with a ‘Squad’ member in her latest Capitol Hill appearance.

The former University of Kentucky swimmer is a fierce opponent of biological men in women’s sports. But yesterday, Rep. Summer Lee (D-Pa.) preemptively labeled the swimmer’s testimony as transphobic.

Gaines didn’t back down and later called the progressive Democrat a misogynist. Lee then attempted to strike Gaines’ words from the record for “engaging in personalities”. But the women’s advocate pounced on the double standard, eventually forcing Lee to withdraw her request.

Meanwhile, biological male cyclists swept the gold and silver medals in a female cyclocross race over the weekend in Illinois. For context, cyclocross involves difficult terrain that often requires bikers to dismount and run. The same pair also won against women back in October.