RNC adopts Trump platform for 2024

by ian

The Republican Party has officially adopted its platform for 2024 – and it is remarkably similar to that of former President Donald Trump.

On Monday, the Republican National Convention unveiled its 2024 platform, aptly titled “Make America Great Again!” The goal, as RNC co-chairs Michael Whatley and Lara Trump said in a statement, is to “be a Nation based on Truth, Justice, and Common Sense.” As such, the platform it adopts takes much of Trump’s stances regarding specific issues.

For the border crisis, Republicans want to complete the border wall and “deport the millions of illegal Migrants who Joe Biden has deliberately encouraged to invade our Country.” The platform specifically prioritizes deporting “the most dangerous criminals” while working with police.

On the economy, Republicans want to tamp down inflation. The platform calls for Republicans to again become “the Party of Industry, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Workers.” Republicans also want to reassert American dominance in the energy market, calling for the nation to “DRILL, BABY, DRILL” and to bring back other energy policies from the Trump administration.

Other notable policy adoptions include large tax cuts for workers, restoring world peace through American strength, and pushing back against transgender policies in schools and sports.

A statement from Trump’s campaign team lauded the RNC for adopting Trump’s policies. According to Trump Campaign Senior Advisors Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, this platform articulates Trump’s “America First principles.” They say:

His 2024 Republican Party Platform is a bold roadmap that will undo the devastating damage that Joe Biden’s far-left policies have done to this country, power President Trump to a historic victory in November, and Make America Great Again.

Despite overwhelming agreement on many of these policies, the abortion platform is still causing inter-party turmoil. The new platform specifies that Republicans will not pursue a federal abortion ban, but will instead leave it to the states’ discretion. It reads:

We proudly stand for families and Life. We believe that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees that no person can be denied Life or Liberty without Due Process, and that the States are, therefore, free to pass Laws protecting those Rights. After 51 years, because of us, that power has been given to the States and to a vote of the People. We will oppose Late Term Abortion, while supporting mothers and policies that advance Prenatal Care, access to Birth Control, and IVF.

Although pro-life groups are satisfied to see that Republicans are committed to their cause, some organizations and individuals believe the platform does not go far enough.

CatholicVote President Brian Burch, for example, said the policy appears to be more of an attempt to deny accusations that Republicans want to outright ban all forms of birth control rather than a firm pro-life stance.