RNC criticized for posting misleading Biden clips

by ian

The Republican National Committee is receiving backlash for its misleading videos of Biden.

The RNC shared multiple videos of the president looking confused and disoriented at the D-Day ceremony in Normandy yesterday. But the moment that got most people’s attention was when he seemingly tried to sit down in a chair that didn’t exist. But the White House responded to these videos as “baseless.”

They referenced a Politifact article that sought to debunk some of these viral videos – and they weren’t wrong. The president did indeed have a chair behind him when he tried to sit down, but then he seemingly changed his mind as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s name was announced.

Politifact also corrected the RNC’s claim that Biden left the event early, without greeting veterans. Just before he leaves, the video shows Biden shaking hands with veterans alongside French President Emanuel Macron. However, there is no denying that Biden confuses dates, and names of people, and is frequently seen being guided by others.