Russia agrees to return 4 Ukrainian children

by ian

Russia is returning four Ukrainian children who were taken from the warzone, according to the Qatar Foreign Ministry. The children are ages 2, 7, 9, and 17.

The youngest of those was only six months old when the war first began and Russian troops took him from a hospital. That boy has already been reunited with his mother at the Qatari embassy in Moscow along with one other child. The older children will be reunited with their families on Wednesday.

Qatar mediated the agreement at Ukraine’s request, calling it a months-long process full of “contentious dialogue.” It’s a welcome and major development in one of the most sensitive topics involving the war.

Kyiv accuses Russia of kidnapping thousands of children, while Russian President Vladimir Putin has eased restrictions so Russian families can adopt the warzone children.

Authorities hope this exchange will lay a foundation for other Ukrainian children to be returned in the future.