San Francisco Requires Proof Of Inoculation For Indoor Venues

by Seth Udinski
San Fransisco Requires Proof Of Inoculation For Indoor Venues

Seth Udinski, FISM News


On Thursday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a new ruling that requires citizens to obtain proof of full inoculation from COVID-19 in order to enter public buildings such as restaurants and bars.  The ruling will be activated on August 20.  The mayor said in a statement,

Many San Francisco businesses are already leading the way by requiring proof of vaccination for their customers because they care about the health of their employees, their customers and this city.

This mandate follows on the heels of New York City’s similar announcement last week.  San Francisco, however, is taking it a step further by requiring its citizens to show proof of full inoculation, while New York City is currently only mandating proof of one shot.  New Orleans also just recently announced a similar vaccine mandate.

Many are praising the city for “caring about the health of its employees” as the mayor had stated.  However, many on the other side of the issue are concerned about a requirement that impedes upon an individual’s right to freely make an informed health decision without fear of discrimination or ostracization. Many still hold valid concerns about the vaccine. These fears include immediate health risks, since at least 6,631 thousand people have died after receiving a jab, and long-term health risks, since the FDA has not yet approved the vaccine except for emergency use.