Sarah Huckabee Sanders to deliver GOP response to State of the Union

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News 

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders will deliver the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night with a speech that will frame the GOP’s 2024 campaign. 

Sanders will focus on inflation, the border, crime, and education, in an address that she hopes will “contrast the GOP’s optimistic vision for the future against the failures of President Biden and the Democrats.”

“We are ready to begin a new chapter in the story of America – to be written by a new generation of leaders ready to defend our freedom against the radical left and expand access to quality education, jobs, and opportunity for all,” Sanders said in a statement

Sanders sailed to victory in the 2022 Arkansas governor’s race, becoming the first woman to lead the state, after serving as White House Press Secretary for President Donald Trump. 

At age 40, Sanders is the youngest sitting governor in America, a fact noted by Republican leaders in both the House and the Senate. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the governor “is bringing new ideas for a changing future, while also applying the wisdom of the past,” adding “everyone, including President Biden, should listen carefully” to her address. 

Likewise, Senate Minority Leader McConnell said Sanders is a “powerful advocate for the popular, commonsense conservative principles that will put our country back on a better course.”

Governor Sanders will deliver her address from the state capital Little Rock following Biden’s address.