High School in Oxford abandons Christian holiday names in school semesters

by Seth Udinski
School in Oxford abandons Christian holiday names, including “Christmas” and “Easter”

Seth Udinski, FISM News


The United Kingdom was once one of the most influential Christian nations in the world. In the last several weeks, however, there have been seen several court rulings on homosexuality and abortion proving that the U.K. has turned away from its Christian heritage to embrace the worldview of secularism. This trend has reached the schools as well, making children a target for secular revolutionaries.

Last week, the Daily Mail reported that the Dragon School, the preparatory school in Oxford where popular English actress Emma Watson attended, announced that it is doing away with the explicitly Christian names on their school calendar.

Previously, the published calendar was split into a “Christmas term” for the fall, an “Easter term” for the spring, and a summer term. Dragon School announced that it will do away with these names, and will instead call the Christmas and Easter semesters “Winter term” and “Spring term” respectively, citing inclusion and a lack of “confusing language” as its reason.

Those of you who have been at the Dragon for some time will be familiar with the academic terms being known as Christmas, Easter and Summer terms. However, we will be moving to naming them Autumn, Spring and Summer from the beginning of the Spring Term.

The school will retain its Christmas and Easter-themed celebrations, despite the calendar name-change.

Many parents were frustrated at the school’s decision. They argued the school bowed to “woke” ideologies in terminating language that was never offensive from the start. One parent said:

What is uninclusive about Christmas and Easter? Who has complained about the names of the terms? It has a Church of England ethos and the vast majority of pupils are Christian. What is the need to be ‘inclusive at every touchpoint’? This is wokery run riot for no reason at all.