SCOTUS hears potential game-changer J6 challenge

by Renata

The Supreme Court heard arguments today in a case that could upend felony charges against hundreds of January 6 defendants, including former President Donald Trump.

The law at the center of the case makes it a crime to obstruct, influence or impede any official proceeding of Congress. It carries up to a 20-year sentence. The case was brought by an ex-police officer named Joseph Fischer, whom a lower court found guilty of obstruction after he entered the Capitol Building in January 2021.

Fischer argues Congress had already evacuated by the time he went inside. Republicans say the law has been misinterpreted to punish hundreds of Trump supporters. That includes the Washington criminal case against Trump.

A group of House Republicans wrote a letter to the court, saying that siding with the Biden administration would “reward and incentivize politically motivated uses of ill-fitting criminal statutes with harsh penalties.”