Seattle museum promotes ‘drag-tastic’ summer camp for Seattle kids

by Trinity Cardinal

Marion Bae, FISM News


Summer is approaching and parents are looking for activities to keep their children entertained while kids of school. A museum in Seattle is hoping to fill this void by offering a plethora of programs to keep the area’s youth occupied, including design, music, and …drag. 

Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) is hosting a “Drag-tastic Summer Camp” this August for children as young as 12. The announcement for the camp promotes that attendees will “investigate drag history and work together with local artists to create your own personas.”

The description for the program reads, “Calling all current and future kings and queens! Explore self-expression in MoPOP’s week-long, drag-tastic summer camp!” It also states that campers will “choose your name, explore hair and makeup techniques, and develop your character’s stage presence. At the end of the week, celebrate your new drag personas with a private showcase!”

The instructor, Joshua Hancock, who holds a Master of Arts from Texas Woman’s University, is said to have 30 years of experience in theater, burlesque, and drag. “He believes drag is for everyone,” his description reads. “it is more than one thing, and can be used to heal and to bring joy, sadness, and love to people.”

Hancock’s personal profile reveals that he has his own drag persona, Parton, based upon country singer Dolly Parton, and “uses Parton’s voice to spread love and open minds.”

While the existence of is shocking, what is even more confounding is that the program is popular enough that it has already sold out. According to the MoPOP website, they will “explore adding a second Drag-tastic Summer Camp to our schedule.” 

While both both parents and students have to sign-off and are aware of what the students will be taught during their time at camp, the broader culture is expanding to include these themes even when parents are unaware. 

This February parents raised concerns in San Bernardino County, located in Southern California, after it was discovered that “non-binary” male counselors were allowed to share cabins with 5th grade girls. 

The conversations surrounding this ideology in schools has grown to the point that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law to prevent teachers in grades three and below from teaching sexual ideologies to young children.

For those who deny that a particular agenda is being pushed on young children, there has been an otherwise inexplicable spike in LGBTQ identifying children. A recent poll stated that 21% of Gen Z, those born between 1987 and 2003, identified somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum. With the constant barrage of the media and government to normalize this behavior, the shift comes as little surprise.

The ideology that the cultural left is pushing, particularly on unassuming parents, is completely counter to the fundamental tenet of Christianity in Gen. 1:27 – “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”