Sen. Scott says Sen. McConnell “undermining” GOP in border deal

by ian


Republican Sen. Rick Scott (Fla.) is accusing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) of “undermining” the GOP, saying McConnell is compromising too much on the border deal.

For example, McConnell allegedly forfeited all leverage of withholding Ukraine funding in exchange for securing the border. Additionally, in an op-ed published yesterday for The Hill, Scott said,

…if you want someone to blame for a failure to get something done to secure the border, blame Washington’s Senate Republican leader, who is totally disconnected with our voters, and who would rather pass anything for Ukraine than actually secure our border.

Also in the op-ed, Scott repeatedly pointed to former President Donald Trump’s success on border security, thus arguing that Trump should be involved in any potential border deal.

Scott famously tried unsuccessfully to unseat McConnell as Republican leader of the Senate after the 2022 midterm.