Sen. Tim Scott to Give GOP Response to Biden’s Congressional Speech

by sam
Sen. Tim Scott to Give GOP Response to Biden’s Congressional Speech

Samuel Case, FISM News


Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina will deliver the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress next week. Biden will be delivering his first speech to Congress on April 28th, the day before his 100th day in office. The President is expected to touch on police reform, an issue Tim Scott has taken up on the Republican side of the aisle.

In a statement, Scott said he is “excited and honored for this opportunity,” saying “we face serious challenges on multiple fronts, but I am as confident as I have ever been in the promise and potential of America. I look forward to having an honest conversation with the American people and sharing Republicans’ optimistic vision for expanding opportunity and empowering working families.”

Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell made the announcement saying, “Senator Tim Scott is not just one of the strongest leaders in our Senate Republican Conference, he is one of the most inspiring and unifying leaders in our nation … As Sen. Scott likes to say, he is living his mother’s American dream, and he has dedicated his career to creating more opportunity for our fellow citizens who need it most.”

Scott is currently among a bipartisan group of lawmakers trying to create a police reform bill that can be passed by Congress and signed by Biden. Last year, the senator introduced a police reform bill following the death of George Floyd. Democrats rejected the legislation, saying it relied too much on incentives instead of instituting changes.

Scott ridiculed Senate Democrats for voting down the bill saying, “instead of getting 70 percent of what you wanted, today and tomorrow and next week you get zero. And you’re going to wait until the election to get more.” He accused them of trying to keep the policing issue alive for the 2020 Presidential Election, rather than trying to solve any problems.