Several Catholic Churches In Canada Destroyed By Arsonists

by Seth Udinski
Several Catholic Churches In Canada Destroyed By Arsonists

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Flying under the radar of the liberal news media is a string of horrible attacks on various Catholic churches in Canada.  According to the New York Post, ten different Catholic cathedrals in the country have been vandalized in the last month, and some have been completely destroyed.  One of the churches attacked was the St. Jean Baptiste Church in Alberta, which was completely decimated by arsonists on July 1.

The attacks appear to come as a response to the recent discovery of a mass grave of native children from the colonial era.  The prevailing theory in the media was that the Catholic Church had issued the mass genocide of thousands of native children in various Canadian provinces and buried them in mass graves (in actuality, many of the children died from disease).  This theory, a juicy piece of low-hanging fruit for anyone bent on attacking Christianity and promoting racial division, seems to have been too good to pass up for the state-run media.  As such, this caused the destructive string of attacks on Catholic churches.

Unsurprisingly, even native people in Canada are upset by the vile actions of those who have committed these crimes. Jenn Allan-Riley, is a native woman who was taken from her family at a young age and placed in a Catholic-run residential school, condemned the attacks:

We’re concerned about the burning and defacing of churches bringing more strife, depression and anxiety to those already in pain and mourning…Some residential school survivors have remained Catholic, and now have lost their place of worship and comfort.