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FISMNews began as the first original FISMTV production at the network’s earliest stages. From the beginning, FISMNews has strived to cover the latest stories and bring viewers nothing but facts and data.

With a committed team of on-air, production, writing, and research, our crew is dedicated to bringing viewers the non-partisan information they need to know.

No stance. No slants. Just news.

As our production capabilities grow, we look forward to expanding the scope and quality of our coverage.


I’m producer and host for FISM News, as well as a producer for Financial Issues and Outspoken (busy, I know). First and foremost I’m a Christian and pray I become more of the man Christ created me to be everyday. I’m a political junky, gamer, and rock enthusiast, and of course I drink my coffee black.


I am a Producer for Financial Issues with Dan Celia, and now I get to be an anchor/producer for FISM News! I enjoy video and board gaming, reading, doing puzzles, drinking coffee, cooking, playing music, and being a goofball with my fiancée. I love and am a devout follower of Christ, and am forever grateful for the grace He extended with His loving sacrifice.


Most of what I do includes researching, writing, or editing daily scripts and articles for FISM News. I manage the content schedule on our various platforms and edit the occasional article or script for some of FISM.tv’s other programs. Outside of work, I enjoy painting, running, cooking, and home renovation projects!

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Website: https://fism.tv/


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