Sitting on a Mountain of Executive Orders, Biden Defends Use of the Pen

by sam
Sitting on a Mountain of Executive Orders, Biden Defends Use of the Pen

Samuel Case, FISM News


It looks as though President Joe Biden is determined to go down in history as “The Executive Order President.” Enacting his policy agenda through the swipe of a pen, Biden shattered the records of recent presidents. In his first week alone, Biden signed 24 executive orders and a whopping 34 presidential actions. For comparison Barack Obama, the previous first week record holder, only signed five executive orders in his first seven days. As of the morning of February 4th, the Whitehouse lists 28 executive orders signed by President Biden.

While Biden continues to tout himself as a unifying force, his extensive use of executive power has been met with strong criticism. Not only is the sheer number of decrees coming from Biden’s office controversial, but the content of these orders have been incredibly radical. From “implementing and building upon” the Paris Climate Accords to allowing biological males who identify as female compete in women’s sports, Biden’s executive orders are not helping him make friends with the other side the aisle.

Earlier this week Biden attempted to defend himself from the claim he’s overusing the pen. Biden argued that most of his orders have not been “new law,” but rather an attempt to undo the effects of Trump’s executive orders.

What I’m doing is taking on issues that 99% of them that the president — the last president of the United States — issued executive orders I thought were very counterproductive to our security, counterproductive to who we are as a country.