Smoking gun? Jack Smith aide met with WH before Trump indictment

by ian

Republicans are asking if they’ve found a new smoking gun after learning that a Special Counsel aide met with White House staff during the investigation.

Jay Bratt, a top aide to Special Counselor Jack Smith, is on the White House visitor logs in March 2023. He met with the deputy chief of staff for the White House Counsel’s office and a Washington-based FBI agent.

Smith’s team indicted former President Donald Trump nine weeks later for retaining classified documents. The White House says the visit was for a “case-related interview.”

But former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani says there’s no reason for that meeting at the White House unless it was “coordinated by the highest levels.”

Bratt’s long history with the Justice Department connected him to the case before he joined the special counsel team.

He met with key White House officials twice in 2021, back when the National Archives were negotiating with Trump for the files. He then inspected the Mar-a-Lago storage facilities in June 2022, shortly before the unprecedented raid on a former president’s home.