Social Media erupts over Canadian male competing in girls’ swimming

by ian


Social media is outraged over a story that initially broke a few months ago – a 50-year-old Canadian male is now identifying as a teenage girl and accessing the girls’ swim team and locker rooms.

Nicholas Cepeda, a professor at York University, is going by Melody Wiseheart and competing with girls as young as 13.

Concerned parents tipped off conservative news outlet Rebel News, saying they’ve witnessed this man walking into the girl’s changing room. So Rebel News went down to the Ontario venue where Cepeda competes with the young girls.

At first, organizers denied that he swam at the meet, then later changed their tune, saying it was a simple registration matter.

Meanwhile, Cepeda is being hailed in local media outlets as a “pioneer…helping others grow, and the world to evolve.”