Son Of Nigerian Pastor Killed Trying To Prevent Church Destruction

by Seth Udinski
Son Of Nigerian Pastor Killed Trying To Prevent Church Destruction

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Nigerian Christians have faced severe persecution in the last year, right on the heels of a Christian school kidnapping with many children still in custody.  Last week, the persecution continued.

The most recent victim is Ezekiel Bitrus Tumbawas, who was 29-years-old and the son of a pastor at the Church of the Brethren near the city of Maiduguri in the Borno State of Nigeria.  Last Thursday, Tumbawas was among a group of young Christians protesting the destruction of their home church by government officials.  Tragically, Tumbawas was shot and killed in the protest.  According to a report by The Christian Post, Nigerian believers are rightly enraged at this act of wicked injustice and outright religious persecution.

Bishop Williams Naga, a Nigerian pastor and chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, said after,

Officials of Borno Geographic Information System, led by its executive secretary, Engr Adams Bababa, brought CJTF to the church not only for demolition but also ended up killing our brother and son….The entire Christian community has been thrown into mourning mood as a brother, who was a breadwinner of his family, was sent to his early grave.

This is a devastating loss for the believers in this Nigerian congregation, not just of their church building but also of a faithful brother and member of their body in his prime.  Yet these believers will not give up and still hold tightly to the promise made by our Lord while he was on earth, that His Church would be victorious.  A group of Christians in the region wrote on Facebook after the shooting,

They demolished the building, thinking it is the Church. (But) the Church is forever unstoppable and indestructible.