Speaker Johnson unveils 2-step government stopgap bill

by ian

With less than a week to go until a government shutdown, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R_La.) is putting forward a stopgap bill to keep the government open.

Johnson’s plan would split funding into two pieces, giving money for certain federal agencies until mid-January, while the rest of the funds would last through early February. Johnson says this will ensure Congress isn’t forced into passing an omnibus right before Christmas.

He also told Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council that the measure should afford lawmakers more time to work out a longer-term spending plan.

While the plan contains no additional spending for Ukraine or Israel, it keeps government funding at current spending levels.

The lack of spending cuts is receiving pushback from House Republicans such as Texas Congressman Chip Roy, who says his opposition to the plan “cannot be overstated.”

The House plans to vote on the proposal tomorrow, just three days before the government runs out of money on Friday at midnight.