Special Council David Weiss to charge Hunter Biden, filings show

by ian


Charges are back on the table for Hunter Biden.

New court filings from Special Council David Weiss shows the DOJ plans to seek a grand jury indictment against the president’s son by Sept. 29.

While the charges were not specified, the filing did reference Hunter’s felony gun charge and misdemeanor tax charges. He is accused of lying on a gun application and failing to pay over a million dollars in taxes.

Hunter previously reached a plea deal for his tax charges that also allowed him to escape prosecution on the gun charge if he met certain conditions set by the court. But the deal fell apart in July.

The judge in that case raised concerns over its legality and the scope of immunity afforded to the president’s son. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Weiss as special counsel last month following whistleblower allegations Weiss’ investigation into Hunter Biden was hampered by the DOJ.