State AG’s call for Supreme Court to intercede in school ‘transition’ issue

by ian

Several attorneys general are raising concerns over the trend of public schools seeking to transition students’ gender without parental consent.

Yesterday, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to weigh in on a case regarding public schools transitioning kids without parental knowledge or consent. He filed the brief with attorneys general from 15 other states.

The case refers to a 2022 Wisconsin school district decision that encouraged students to socially transition, while it also trained administrators to share information on medical and surgical transitions. Both district and appellate courts have rejected legal complaints coming from parents, saying that they “lacked standing to bring federal claims.”

But Miyares disagrees. He said in a statement, “It is essential that schools work with parents, not against them, to support a child’s well-being.” He added that “Parents have the right to be involved in major decisions affecting their children’s lives.”