States scramble to answer AI threat before November

by ian

States across the nation are seeking to overcome deepfake and artificial intelligence threats before the upcoming election.

That threat has already been seen after a robocall with a falsified message from President Joe Biden warned New Hampshire residents not to vote in the primaries earlier this year. Arizona is fighting back with a groundbreaking two-day training program that makes election administrators face different deepfake scenarios.

Arizona’s Secretary of State described one of the situations, which uses his likeness and voice to craft a welcome video as a warning for how realistic deepfakes can be. Those have since been destroyed.

But the state isn’t satisfied keeping their training to themselves. Arizona publicly released a report to help poll workers across the nation. They are also organizing an event in Michigan.

In related news, around 40 states have passed or are working to pass bills that require transparency on the use of AI-generated content. Others are seeking to step up penalties for the malicious spread of misleading or deceptive information.