Study: 25% of ‘non-binary’ black young people attempted suicide in 2022

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News

According to a recently-released 2022 National Survey from controversial LGBTQ think tank The Trevor Project, 25% of ‘non-binary’ transgender black adolescents in America tried to commit suicide last year.

The study revealed that the number of LGBTQ trans-identifying African American young people who tried to end their life was more than double the number of the LGBTQ “cis-gender” group, which sat at 12%.

The report also touched on race, revealing that only 16% of white non-binary-identifying correspondents tried to end their life in 2022.

Jake Turban, who oversees the gender psychiatry department at the University of Californian, said,

This report is yet another piece of evidence that we aren’t doing enough to fight for these kids. Improving the situation will mean making broad structural and societal improvements in the ways we treat trans youth of color. Unfortunately, we seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

The poll also explored the ways that many trans-identifying young black feel that they are mistreated, with 77% claiming they have been discriminated against for their sexual identity.

However, a lack of social and familial support for their gender identity is clearly not the key driving factor of attempted suicide. The number rose from just 25% to 29% among those who feel they have no social or familial support.

Author’s Biblical Analysis

When I read this report, I was infuriated.

Please understand, I am not angered at the youth in this report. I wholeheartedly affirm that these young trans youth are living in unrepentant sin and that they must repent and turn to God. But I am not angered at them for their faulty beliefs.

Why? It is simple: They are children. They do not know their right hand from their left. Their minds may have several more years, perhaps even a decade or more, before they are fully developed.

No, my anger is not at these children. Responsible as they are for their actions, on some level they do not know any better. My anger is directed at the adults.

The adults in this situation, men and women at The Trevor Project and other LGBTQ social machines, are encouraging children to normalize sexual desires and leanings that are inherently perverse.

The adults in this situation, who unlike children do know their right hand from their left, are encouraging these young children to make decisions about their bodies and their futures that are leading many of them to self-harm and even suicide.

Here is an illustration: This past weekend, I played a game with my two-year-old daughter where she pretended to be a train, because she loves trains. If I followed the logic of the degenerate adults who encourage children to change their genders, I would then zero in on my daughter’s love for trains and I would indoctrinate her with a new truth: “You are a train.”

That means she would no longer eat food but fuel. She would live and walk only on train tracks. She would fill her body with coal to be burned so she could move. I would tell her and encourage her to embody lie after lie so she could live under her newfound identity, based on her desires in that moment. She would then live in grave danger and very likely die, because, despite the lies that she would be hearing around her from adults she is supposed to trust, she is not a train.

You can see, by this example, how much of a reprobate and a criminal I would be if I parented this way. Yet there are thousands of parents, teachers, and so-called “activists” who do the same thing to impressionable children by soliciting the lie that they can choose their own gender.

Friends, there is much we can learn from this report. We see the horrors of abandoning the Christian worldview and the death and destruction that follows. Indeed, the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). We also see the weightiness placed upon those who know the truth, to share the truth with the little ones. Life and death depend on it.

Ultimately, believing adults need to remember this: We have a responsibility and an obligation to teach our children the truth.

The mantra to “get to them while they are young” carries great truth with it. As a believer, you need to be saturating your child’s entire life with the truth of the gospel, from the earliest age possible. A good place to start is while they are still in the womb. If that is not possible, start right now.

Read the Bible to them and with them. Pray for their salvation and their sanctification. Pray for them both in their absence and in their presence, and teach them how to pray. Model for them the life of a committed Christ-follower.

As far as it depends on you, keep their eyes from seeing wicked images and their ears from hearing wicked words. Take them to a faithful, gospel-preaching church and invite other believers to encourage them with the truth.

Most importantly, tell them over and over the beautiful and indescribable story of the gospel: that Jesus Christ came to save sinners such as they are.

Teach them to love God and to love His Word. And to bring it all back full circle from this report, teach them that they can find satisfaction and hope in nothing else than Jesus Christ.

Trust satisfaction and true joy are found nowhere else than in redemption from sin, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.  – Psalm 22:6