Study says Ohio train derailment affected 16 states

by ian

A new study published by the “Environmental Research Letters” journal said the chemicals burned off after the train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, drifted over 16 states.

The study explained that the impact was larger than expected because toxic chemicals aided by the fire entered the atmosphere. The research found “exceptionally high” PH levels in the Northeast and the Midwest following the cleanup effort.

The impact was significant “over western Pennsylvania (near East Palestine), along the entire New York/Canada border.” Other chemicals such as chloride, sodium, potassium, and calcium also appeared in higher concentrations in these areas.

David Gay, lead author, said he didn’t expect to see the impact so far out. He added that chemicals in areas further away from the incident weren’t toxic. But they were unusually high. Residents in nearby areas reported nausea, headaches and rashes.