Study: Young pro-life Americans less likely to vote than pro-choice peers

by ian


Young pro-life Americans aren’t as likely to vote as their pro-choice peers, a new study warns.

Harvard University released the national poll, which focuses on ages 18-29 year-olds, this week. The results show an overwhelming trend toward supporting abortion; 53% of respondents say they are pro-choice compared to 26% who chose the pro-life label.

However, the poll also found a wide gap in motivation to vote in the 2024 election. Right now, “only 35% of those who consider themselves pro-life say they would definitely vote.” That means that a roughly four-to-one difference in favor of abortion among younger voters.

The news doesn’t get better for conservatives. The report found that voting enthusiasm has dropped among younger Americans after the record-setting 2020 election.

Unfortunately, “most of the decline comes from young Republican and independent voters.”