Sudanese Christians face persecution during wartime

by ian


As the conflict in Sudan continues, some warn that the war provides cover for persecution against Christians.

To recap, the loss of civilian life has been great since the fight for government control began on April 15. So far, 291 civilians have lost their lives.

It’s important to know that the city of Khartoum, considered ground zero of the conflict, is also a Christian stronghold in the Muslim-dominated country. Voice of the Martyrs warns that a significant number of Christians are included in that death total.

They added that, at the very least, Christians are being turned away from needed medical care and denied food relief given to Muslim citizens.

The organization also reports that four churches have now been destroyed in battle. Meanwhile, Christian Solidarity Worldwide says the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces assaulted one congregation to seize church facilities.

Please be in prayer for Sudanese Christians, and that God would work to bring a peaceful resolution to the war.