Supreme Court defends Texas heartbeat bill, while letting certain lawsuits against it proceed

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


On Friday, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Texas heartbeat bill, a law that criminalizes abortion after six weeks and allows legal action to be taken against abortion providers. The court also said it will allow pre-enforcement challenges to the ruling to stand.

This is a momentous victory in the fight for life. Supporters of abortion, meanwhile, are enraged. Planned Parenthood said the high court’s ruling has “failed to put an end to Texas’ bounty hunting scheme and protect our constitutional rights.”

Kimberly Schwartz, head of the Christian pro-life organization Texas Right to Life, said afterward,

We are grateful that the Supreme Court practiced judicial restraint today and stopped the Biden administration’s pro-abortion campaign against the strongest pro-life law being enforced today. While we continue to fight for this policy in the lower courts, Texas Right to Life celebrates that the Texas Heartbeat Act will continue saving between 75-100 preborn children from abortion per day.

Schwartz and her colleagues are still recovering from a bomb scare against their organization earlier this week, but they have much to celebrate as the high court backs the pro-life movement.

Even as perhaps the most liberal administration in American history rules the Oval Office, the Supreme Court is providing a necessary, and in this case life-saving, balance of power.

Sources indicated that President Joe Biden is “very concerned” about the high court’s ruling.