Supreme Court rules against ‘spousal immigration’ case

by ian

The Supreme Court has ruled against a California woman who said her rights were violated when her Salvadorian husband was denied entry to the US.

This comes shortly after the Biden administration extended asylum protections for illegal immigrants married to US citizens. In a 6-3 ruling along ideological lines, the Supreme Court found that citizens don’t necessarily have the power to influence federal decisions about who gets to live in the US legally.

The US consulate in San Salvador flagged Sandra Munoz’s husband because his tattoos were thought to be related to the MS-13 gang. Asencio-Cordero, who has also been an illegal immigrant in the US, denied the allegation, saying he had no criminal history.

Liberal Supreme Court judges argued that the State Department’s assessment of Asencio-Cordero was too vague. Conservative judges countered that “While Congress has made it easier for spouses to immigrate, it has never made spousal immigration a matter of right.”