Suspected terror arrests came week after domestic terror warning

by ian

Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray again warned of an increased threat of terror activity filtering through the border crisis. Ironically, his comments came just a week before eight individuals were arrested at the border on suspicion of terrorism.

Speaking before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies, Wray requested more FBI funding in the next fiscal year. Wray started his plea by saying that budget cuts could not have “come at a worse time” for his agency.

Most of the hearing was a Q&A session between the Senators and Wray, who was questioned on how more funding would benefit his agency. But Republican Sen. Jerry Moran. (Kan.) took a special focus on national security at the southern border.

In his opening statement, Moran made it clear that he wanted answers about efforts to secure our nation amid some troubling reports.

Moran acknowledged that the border is mostly under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security. But he asked if those cases he mentioned are reflective of a bigger problem in our intelligence community. Wray responded by saying that the concern rests more on international intelligence gathering.

And this exact example seems to have surfaced this week with the arrest of eight Tajikistani nationals located within the United States. One source said that in their initial border screening, none of the individuals had derogatory information which would have placed them on the watch list – falling in line with Director Wray’s point of concern.

It wasn’t until investigators discovered a potential link with overseas ISIS members that the eight individuals were looked into for ties to terrorism.