‘Switchfoot’ Lead Singer Jon Foreman Posts Video Supporting LGBTQ Community

by Seth Udinski
“Switchfoot” Lead Singer Jon Foreman Posts Video Supporting LGBTQ Agenda

Seth Udinski, FISM News


In the last twenty years, there has been a number of high-profile Christians who have publicly supported the sexual revolution. The latest name added to the list is Christian singer and guitarist Jon Foreman, frontman for the popular rock band Switchfoot.

Foreman made headlines during Switchfoot’s peak of popularity, when he publicly said that he did not want the band to be identified under the “Christian” label even though all the band members profess Christ as their Savior. Last week, Foreman ruffled feathers in Christian circles by vocally supporting the LGBTQ community.

Foreman went on TikTok to respond to an LGBTQ amateur music artist named Semler. Semler, a fan of the band, was seeking an answer on Switchfoot’s belief about LGBTQ rights after attending a concert on September 16. Foreman responded via TikTok:

Yes, I support your rights and freedoms, I want you to feel loved and supported. Love and embrace have always been central to our story and our song. We need our differences. You and your journey and your story are welcome at a Switchfoot show. Our music has always been for anyone who is open-minded enough to jump into the dialogue. Agnostic, atheist, consumerist, Jewish, Muslim, doubters, believers, haters, lovers, LGBTQ-plus and everyone else who is brave enough to look for meaning. No one else is an expert on someone else’s experience.

This is a difficult situation to navigate. On one hand, Foreman’s act of reaching out to a fan and giving a true response is commendable. In addition, the theme of love and embrace resonates with the Christian worldview. God loves and embraces sinners in spite of our sin, through Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, there is something troubling behind this exchange. Foreman’s encouragement seems to celebrate this young woman’s sinful sexual perversion and fails to address the problem of sin in a loving way. It also reflects a secular humanist worldview that claims personal experience is more important than absolute truth. Where Foreman succeeded in giving the appearance of love, he unfortunately failed in truly being loving, because he ignored the truth in his words.

This is a timely reminder for Christians, that we must be both loving and truthful in our words.