Syracuse Professor Profanes 9/11 Victims With Insensitive Twitter Comments

by Seth Udinski
Syracuse Professor Profanes 9/11 Victims With Shameful Twitter Comments

Seth Udinski, FISM News


This past weekend, the United States mourned and remembered the victims of its most devastating attack on civilians in American history, the attacks of September 11, 2001. The majority of the celebrations were respectful and patriotic, and honored the memory of those who were lost in the attacks. Sadly, some in the American educational aristocracy used the solemn day as a platform to share their “opinions” about the nature of these attacks.

A professor from Syracuse University posted on social media last week that the 9/11 conspiracy was in reality an attack on the “heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems” that “many white Americans fight to protect.” Professor Jenn M. Jackson of the political science department at Syracuse tweeted the remarks on Friday, the day before the 20th anniversary of the attacks. Jackson also writes for the magazine Teen Vogue.

While many called for the resignation of the professor due to her insensitivity, the university instead came to the defense of this professor. Syracuse released a statement defending her right to free speech and condemned those who had harassed or posted violent threats against the professor.

As Christians, we must condemn any form of hate speech. We must never respond to hateful speech with more hateful speech, and hopefully, Christians were not found among those who allegedly responded violently to Jackson. Still, this must not take away from the profound disrespect of this professor’s ill-thought tweets.

Many on Twitter voiced outrage at Jackson’s tweets, believing them to be insensitive towards the innocent lives lost on 9/11 and to completely ignore the historical context of the tragic event.

A study of the culture of Al Qaeda shows that the terrorists did not care at all about deconstructing “heteropatriarchical capitalistic systems.” If anything, the culture of radical Islam is one of the most “patriarchal” (to use Jackson’s words, as an insult referring to toxic misogyny) cultures in human history.