Taliban Holds Victory Celebration, Flaunts Newly Possessed U.S. Military Weapons

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Over the last several weeks, the Taliban has accomplished a complete takeover of Afghanistan at lightning speed as the United States withdrew from the region after 20 years. Now, the Islamic terrorist organization is flexing its muscles in celebration.

Several sources revealed that the terrorist group has acquired significant amounts of U.S. military equipment in its takeover. On Tuesday, the United States retreated, bringing its last military members out of the region. On Wednesday, members of the Taliban rode the streets of Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city, in a victory parade showing off their newly possessed fleet of tanks and other heavily armored vehicles. Taliban soldiers also carried in their hands American artillery and other weapons of war.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, a man on whom the Biden Administration has desperately tried to blame the fiasco in Afghanistan, aptly described the foolishness of leaving an untold number of weapons in the possession of a terrorist organization. In an interview with Fox Business on Tuesday, Trump said,

To leave that equipment, billions and billions of equipment, behind is insane. It’s inconceivable — that equipment is going to be coming at us for many years. It should be bombed. We cannot let them have that equipment.

The exact amount of U.S. military equipment now in the Taliban’s possession is unknown, but some have reported that it could be as much as $85 billion worth of assets based on the US Government Accounting Office records .

What is clear is that the Taliban now possesses a dangerous amount of destructive weapons, and is one of the most highly weaponized armies in the world. It is also clear that the Biden Administration must answer for the chaos in the region and the destruction that these weapons will now cause.