Taliban Mocks America By Mimicking Iconic Iwo Jima Photo

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


Since taking power in Afghanistan the Taliban have substantially increased their propaganda and international advertising seeking to cement support at home and acknowledgment internationally. To this end, one of the Taliban’s elite units known as Badri 313 Battalion recently released a video as well as a number of pictures where they are seen mocking the US. In fact, one of their pictures appears to be a copy of the famous Iwo Jima flag photo from World War II.

In all of the pictures and videos, the Taliban are also seen wearing and using weapons, body armor, and other tactical equipment that are stolen US military supplies. This gives credence to early reports that the Taliban have seized or stolen a number of American munitions and supplies since reclaiming power. American lawmakers have become outraged by these developments and have already sent a letter to the Pentagon demanding full and complete answers.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies is still slow going and extremely dangerous. At least 20 people have died at the airport either from the heat, being crushed in a crowd, or because of complications with the Taliban. The US has recruited the help of large commercial airlines to transport Americans and eligible refugees out the country. It is also an incredibly difficult situation for the American soldiers on the ground as they seek to maintain a military order while at the same time do the administrative work to sort who is eligible to be evacuated and who is not.