Texas cities crippled by sudden weekend migrant surge

by ian

Weekend migrant surges in two Texas cities are fueling concern over what many are saying is President Joe Biden’s open border.

Starting in Eagle Pass, the border city witnessed another sudden influx of migrants that ended after an intense standoff. The week before, some 7,500 migrants flooded the town; but on Saturday, the town witnessed another 100 migrants make the attempt to cross into the U.S. from Piedra Negras.

The group wound up in af a standoff with members of the U.S. National Guard and Border Patrol when neither American entity would allow them through. After four hours of people trying to cross the razor wire on the U.S. side, the guards eventually cut the wire and helped the group inside.

A local law enforcement officer told The Daily Mail this decision was made in consideration of the migrant group’s safety, given the hours they had spent in the river and how hot it was that day.

In El Paso, data shows that over 2,000 migrants have crossed into the city per day seeking asylum. This obviously strains the available resources, and officials are sounding the alarm.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, a Democrat, said in a news conference on Saturday that his city has now reached “a breaking point.” Leeser also announced that his city will open a new shelter to accommodate the many migrants.

His comment on the “breaking point” is similar to that of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who has also broken with Democrat colleagues over the crisis at the southern border. In fact, it appears as though President Biden has lost many supporters of his border policy as time wears on in his term.

The Mayor of Eagle Pass, Rolando Salinas, also a Democrat, told CNN that Biden “bears some responsibility for this crisis” and remarked that his city has been “abandoned” by the administration.

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner is asserting that this policy is what is fueling illegal immigration. He told ABC News’ “This Week” program that Biden is “encouraging” such an explosion of illegal immigration through “incentives” and bad policy.

Turner then advocated for a border protection bill currently in the House of Representatives as an aid in deterring the crisis. But this bill is currently in political limbo as the chamber scrambles to avoid a government shutdown.