Texas homes without power face extreme heat following Hurricane Beryl

by ian

Yesterday, President Joe Biden said he couldn’t distribute emergency aid supplies, including power generators, to Texas until the White House was able “to track down” state leaders.

He earlier approved a 75% reimbursement grant for cleanup efforts for all 121 counties affected by the storm. As of last night, 2 million people were still without power.

But the hurricane’s impact isn’t the only concern. Heat is also an issue. Temperatures have soared with a real feel between 100 and 103 degrees. CNN reports that some of the generator-powered homes caused at least two deaths stemming from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief, W. Nim Kidd, advised those who use generators to place the machines far away from their living and sleeping areas. The Public Utility Commission of Texas said restoring power will take anywhere from a few days up to two weeks in some areas.