‘The Chosen’ now available in over 300 prisons

by ian


“The Chosen,” a groundbreaking show about the life of Jesus, is now changing lives in more than 300 prisons.

The show has been available through its own app and across other streaming services, but those traditionally aren’t allowed in prisons.

A new partnership with Prison Fellowship changes this. This ministry developed a closed-circuit video streaming service a couple of years ago. That free service is already available to 50,000 prisoners in 38 different states.

Now, “The Chosen” is part of its catalog so prisoners can watch the show and order the DVDs.

The Prison Fellowship president said he is thrilled to make the Gospel-focused production available. He added, “Our prayer is that it will impact more lives as it already has the more than 110 million people around the globe who have viewed the series.”

“The Chosen” has astonished critics with its crowd-sourced fundraising method, which exceeds its goals every year. Season 4 is slated to release next year.