The truth about trans “healthcare”

by ian

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health is the organization that major hospitals and gender clinics cite as the so-called scientific authority on “transgender care.” The organization was spotlighted by the Sixth Circuit when it upheld Tennessee’s ban on providing kids with puberty blocker hormones. The court pointed out that the organization didn’t have enough data on the “long-term physical, psychological, and neurodevelopmental outcomes” of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for kids.

However, six months later. a think tank called Environmental Progress and journalist Michael Shellenberger discovered that it’s not that the organization doesn’t have enough data, it’s that they know that the so-called gender-affirming care is not based on science. 

Multiple leaked documents revealed that these healthcare practitioners knew that these kids had no understanding of what these procedures would mean, that they could not possibly give consent to abrasive surgeries and that they were not informed about the risks of transgender procedures.