Thousands illegally cross border as issue reignites in Capitol Hill

by ian

The U.S. bore witness to more examples of the dire crisis at the southwestern border over the weekend.

A cellphone video provided to Fox News shows over 2,200 migrants crossing the Rio Grande from Piedras Negras, Mexico, toward Eagle Pass, Texas. The illegal crossing happened right next to a port of entry at Eagle Pass.

Fox remarks that this is “one of the largest border crossings observed” by the outlet within the past two years. Later footage captured by Fox News’ drone team shows large groups of migrants undergoing processing the day after the surge.

However, this isn’t the only border crisis effect to show itself this week. In fact, this illegal crossing comes shortly after another extreme example was reported, also by Fox News.

On Sunday, the outlet received video of a train-load of migrants leaving Zacatecas, Mexico, on their way to the U.S. southern border. The group can be seen hanging off the sides of the train, cheering as it moves along.

These examples are just a taste of what has been an ongoing crisis at the southern border. Border Patrol wrestles with insufficient resources as thousands continue to swarm the area.

Reporting from NBC News shows that surges are also happening in Arizona and California. Citing a Border Patrol official, NBC says that the agency has released between 100 and 200 migrants per day as of last week.

Conditions like these are part of the reason why one DHS official is calling on Congress to focus on immigration reform. This remark was made by Blas Nuñez-Neto, the assistant secretary for Border and Immigration Policy at DHS, during an Immigration Law and Policy Conference held Monday by the Migration Policy Institute.

There are things that we, the federal government, really can’t pay for, and that we rely on local partners to pay for. And obviously, all those partnerships and systems are under an enormous strain right now.” He further elaborated that “We’re doing our best to try to address some of these infirmities in the system. But we’re never going to solve it without meaningful work in Congress.

There is a chance that Nuñez-Neto’s words won’t just fall on deaf ears at Capitol Hill.

House Republicans on Monday introduced a continuing resolution to help fund the government through the end of October. Part of this resolution includes sections of a broader Republican effort known as the “Secure the Border Act.”

This would stop the CBP One app and block federal funding for actions such as transporting illegal immigrants into the U.S. and releasing border crossers awaiting asylum hearings. These items have been heavily pushed by the more conservative caucus in the House during the funding debate.

Unfortunately, it is likely that this CR won’t progress in the Democrat-controlled Senate since it essentially dismantles Biden’s current policy on the issue.