TikTok ban gets heightened attention ahead of vote

by ian

Former President Donald Trump jumped in on the discussion surrounding TikTok and its potential ban. He told CNBC that he believes the popular app poses a national security threat but that banning it would bolster its competition – namely Facebook.

He’s not the only one hesitant about the move. Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (Ky.) took to X to call the ban a “Trojan horse.” He says the bill would give the president the power to ban entire websites, not just apps. And Elon Musk agreed, sharing Massie’s post with this caption: “This law is not just about TikTok, it is about censorship and government control.”

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence named the app in its annual threat assessment. It detailed how the propaganda arm of the Chinese government used TikTok accounts to interfere in the 2022 midterm elections.