TikTok Becoming A Popular Place To Undercut Biblical Truth

by Seth Udinski
Tiktok Becoming Popular Place To Undercut Biblical Truth

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Church historians have agreed that throughout the ages, the greatest attack on the Christian Church is not from outside, but from those who claim the name of Christ yet do not submit to Him.  In the summer of 2021, TikTok users are proving this to be true.

According to an article from Religion News Service (RNS) published earlier this week, TikTok is now a hotbed for theological debates among progressive “Christians” who are attempting to deconstruct the “traditionalist” biblical truths in which many of them were raised.  Roughly 50 million users are using the hashtag “#deconstruction” to share their beliefs on controversial topics in the Bible, such as hell and homosexuality.  As one can imagine, the results profane the Word of God and the name of Jesus Christ.

One of the users, under the name “JeGaysus,” offers his opinion that hell is not a real place of real suffering because of real human sin, but rather a metaphor.  Another user excuses hell as a place of annihilation where the unrighteous simply cease to exist.  Others excuse homosexuality, claiming Paul’s clear criticism of the act as a sin is really a condemnation of homosexuality only when it is part of pagan worship ceremonies.

RNS calls these users “TikTok theologians.”  A more accurate title would be “confused and angry men and women who hate the Bible and the God of the Bible because the Bible condemns that which these people love, and praises that which these people hate.”  In its article, RNS further encourages viewers to “open TikTok and start scrolling” for a “crash course in pop biblical criticism.”  In complete contrast to RNS and to these TikTok users, it would be far better for those searching for the truth to open a Bible and start reading.