TikTok says Biden admin pressuring company to sell or be banned

by ian

The Biden administration is taking a tactic out of Former President Donald Trump’s play book in dealing with a foreign company.

Yesterday, a TikTok spokesperson said the White house is demanding that the Chinese-owned company be sold. If TikTok refuses, it risks being banned in the U.S.

This marks first time under the Biden administration that a nationwide ban is on the table. TikTok says it’s “disappointed in the outcome.”

Biden’s been facing bipartisan pressure to take action against the company amidst security concerns. U.S. courts blocked Trump from implementing a similar ban in 2020.

Some states are already banning the app from government employees’ phones. And the Senate recently introduced a bill that would give Biden more power to ban the app nationwide. The UK also banned the app on all government devices today.

Meanwhile TikTok’s CEO is scheduled to testify before Congress next Thursday.