Train operators rescue nonverbal autistic child from rails

by ian


New York metropolitan transportation employees are being hailed as heroes for the daring rescue of a young boy.

A Southbound train operator spotted the child on the northbound tracks just a few miles above New York City. He called out an emergency warning so all other conductors would be on the look-out for the child.

Track 3 is electrified with 600 volts. But when a northbound conductor spotted the toddler, he was straddling this rail.

While the assistant conductor sprinted 40 yards alongside the third rail to rescue the child, the conductor anxiously called for the electricity to be killed to the line.

But the child, who is autistic and nonverbal, was successfully saved.  He was reunited with his frantic mother and sister at Tarrytown.

In all, five transportation employees were commended for their sharp eyes and quick thinking.