‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ to take place this weekend in wake of Nashville Christian school massacre

by Jacob Fuller

Katie Kerekes, FISM News

A transgender activist group has organized an event to be held this weekend in an effort to put an end to what the group purports to be “trans genocide.”

Organized by the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN), which refers to itself as “a nationwide network of activists and organizers for transgender/non-binary rights,” Trans Day of Vengeance is set to take place in front of the Supreme Court Saturday, April 1, in Washington D.C.

“The Time is Now,” states the organization’s website, with a call to action regarding the “astronomical amounts of hate” the group claims is being facilitated by “the world” toward those who identify with the transgender community.

Citing legislation that has been passed to protect minors from hormone treatments and surgical mutilation, such as Utah’s SB0016, the website states TRAN’s “sole purpose for existing is trans liberation” and claims “conditions [have] become increasingly unsafe for families of trans/non-binary individuals.”

“It is of the number one importance to us to recognize the intersectionality of issues, isms, and oppressions within the trans liberation movement, and to act upon repairing the injustices and imbalances perpetuated within the movement,” the group’s About page states.

As reported by the Daily Wire, TRAN is run in part by a former staffer for the Virginia Democrats, Bo Belotti, a biological female who identifies as a “trans masculine non-binary person” who serves as TRAN’s National Recruitment Director. Belotti’s bio states she formerly worked in the Virginia state legislature to help “craft trans-affirming statewide policies.”

According to Virginia Commonwealth University, Belotti has former associations with Planned Parenthood’s political action committee and has served as a fellow for Del. Elizabeth Guzman, who supports criminal prosecution of parents that refute their child’s identification with the transgender community.

Trans Vengeance Day will take place just days after the shooting at a Nashville-based Christian school, where a trans-identifying biological woman killed six people, including three children.

According to the Daily Wire, TRAN’s twitter page was set to private Monday evening.